Plenary (Members Meeting)

The Plenary is the ultimate decision-making body of the PPN.  All members of the PPN are welcome to attend the Plenary.  All Full Member groups have one vote per group. The Plenary facilitates: election of PPN Representatives to county policy and decision-making bodies; an update on PPN activity; dialogue on PPN strategy; and the highlighting of local issues.

2021 June Plenary

The initial section of the PPN 2021 Mid-Year Plenary was devoted to updating you about our work and finances as well as providing you with an opportunity to steer our work for the rest of the year.

The reminder of the evening focused on gathering your input for a submission on the National Action Plan Against Racism for Ireland.  We heard from: 

  • Wicklow/Bray Travellers Group  
  • Africa Irish Society of Wicklow  
  • Grand Hotel/Rathmore Direct Provision Centres 

The presentations were followed by focus group discussions based around the following themes:

  • Access to Justice
  • All forms of media and communications, including new technologies
  • Employment, education, health & accommodation
  • Inclusion & Participation

Document Downloads

Africa Irish Society of Wicklow Video to mark Africa Day 2021.  To view click HERE.

2020 December Plenary

Due to COVID-19 restrictions this Plenary was held via Zoom. The PPN reported on the work undertaken during 2020, this included a Financial Report, and they outlined its Workplan for 2021. Outgoing PPN Representatives were thanked for their time and commitment during their term and new PPN Representatives were warmly welcomed. The New PPN Website was launched and the opening sequence for a short animation on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) was shared with PPN Members.

The meeting also included a feature on ‘How the Arts Contributed to Our Wellbeing During COVID-19’. Members were treated to and informed about some local artistic creations and projects, including visual arts, poetry, drama, and music.

The meeting ended with the annual fun festive quiz.

What are the SDGs and what can I do to help achieve them?

2019 December Plenary

At the 2019 December Plenary PPN member groups got an update from the PPN on workplan and finances and there was a presentation and consultation held on the County Development Plan Review. The PPN’s submission on the County Development Plan was based on this consultation.

2019 June Plenary

This Plenary was themed on – Let’s Tell Our Stories & Preserve Our Heritage: Groups got to hear from the Heritage Office of Wicklow County Council and the National Museum of Ireland about existing and upcoming opportunities for communities to record, preserve and share their local heritage. The meeting also heard about the work and plans of the PPN.

2018 December Plenary

At the December 2018 plenary, PPN elections for Representative positions were held. The PPN gave a presentation on its work, finances, plans and the development of a Vision for Community Wellbeing for the County. In addition, the meeting also received a presentation from Donal O’Keeffe from Wicklow County Council on Co Wicklow’s Digital Strategy.

2018 June Plenary

In addition to the PPN presentation on its work, finances and plans the meeting also received a presentation from Christine Flood from Wicklow County Council informed those present about the various town teams that have been set up around the county and what projects they have undertaken.