Our Vision for Community Wellbeing

In 2018 Co Wicklow PPN brought community groups in each of the 5 Municipal Districts in Co Wicklow together to develop a shared vision for community wellbeing.

Through these meetings and an online consultation community groups were asked what their aspirations were for the community for generations to come.

Responses under the headings of:

  • Social and Community Development
  • Participation, Democracy and Good Governance
  • Values, Culture & Meaning
  • Health (Physical and Mental)
  • Work, Economy & Resources
  • Environment & Sustainability

are listed in the consultation documents “What We Heard”.

These contributions have formed the Vision for Community Wellbeing Statements and High Level Goals for each of the 5 Municipal Districts and for Co Wicklow (see below). These guiding visions will inform the work of our PPN Representatives on county policy and decision-making bodies as well as supporting the development of a Co Wicklow PPN Strategic Plan. (Specific issues raised through this process are being referred to the relevant PPN Representatives)

Our Vision for Community Wellbeing

Linking our Vision for Community Wellbeing to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)