Co. Wicklow Social Inclusion Network

Through our Social Inclusion Network Co Wicklow PPN brings together groups with an interest in this topic to; discuss developments, share experience and views, and input to social inclusion policy within the County through; the PPN Social Inclusion Representatives on a number of the County policy and decision making committees and through submissions.  Where possible input is also made to National discussions and policy, primarily through submissions. 

Social Inclusion Week 2021

Saturday 23rd October

Co. Wicklow PPN worked with Signal Arts Centre, County Wicklow Partnership and Aughrim Community Sports Centre Committee to run a community networking event.  The event brought together an LGBT+ youth group and representatives from various other community groups.  38 people discussed ‘What could supporting communities look like’

Social Inclusion Week 2020

Saturday 17th to Friday 23rd October 2020

Social Inclusion Week 2020 in Co. Wicklow ran from Saturday 17th to Friday 23rd October. While a significant number of events that were originally organised to mark the week had to be cancelled due COVID-19 restrictions, a few events and activities went ahead online.

To keep in touch with Social Inclusion matters and activities in Co. Wicklow check out the Co Wicklow PPN Include Us In Facebook Page :

Let's Talk About Housing and Accommodation

20 November 2019

On 20 November 2019 the Social Inclusion Network of Co Wicklow PPN met in Newcastle Community Centre to study the Co Wicklow Visions for Community Wellbeing and to identify the priority issues that arose from the Wellbeing Consultation Workshops from a social inclusion and equality perspective.

It was agreed that Housing and Accommodation Issues were having negative impacts on Wicklow’s diverse population and communities on many levels.

It was decided to hold a seminar on the topic to hear the voices of people experiencing accommodation issues and a report was prepared and submitted to the Housing & Corporate Estate SPC.

Include us In - Working Towards Our Vision for Community Wellbeing

In both 2018 and 2019, Co Wicklow PPN organised Workshops for groups and organisations with a Social Inclusion Focus.

The aim of the 2018 session was:

Identify issues and gaps in social inclusion work and linking the issues into the county committees where PPN Representatives have seats

The aim of the 2019 session was:

  • To identify ways to achieve the communities vision for a more inclusive county.
  • To support the PPN to advocate for social inclusion.
  • To support groups and agencies in their work towards a more inclusive society.