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County Wicklow Public Participation Network

Welcome to the Facebook Page of County Wicklow Public Participation Network – “The Voice of Community & Voluntary Groups in County Wicklow”. County Wicklow PPN is a non-party political and non-sectarian representative organisation that acts as a voice for all community and voluntary organisations in County Wicklow. The PPN’s purpose is to provide an inclusive and independent structure that enables community consultation and participation in policy and decision making so as to improve the quality of life and opportunities for people in the county.
County Wicklow Public Participation Network
County Wicklow Public Participation Network

Wicklow County Council in support of the LGBTQI+ community is flying the Pride flag for the month of June at many of our Council buildings and all our Libraries across the county to mark Pride Month..

Pride Month in Wicklow’s libraries involves the following activities:

• Ally and Rainbow Flags: In the spirit of inclusivity, we will be either displaying or flying a rainbow or Ally flag in all 13 of our libraries.
• Family Friendly Story Times will take place in the larger libraries. Stories that promote acceptance, love and understanding will feature.
• LGBTQI +Book Clubs – Book clubs at some libraries will read a title to foster insightful discussion and encourage a more in-depth understanding of diversity.
• Young Children’s colouring pages in some libraries will feature Elmer the Elephant who represents individuality and the celebration of difference.
• Engaging Book Displays highlighting LGBTQI+ literature and the importance of representation and empathy will be a feature in the larger libraries.
• Pride Merchandise available in all libraries.

Wicklow County Council continues to support social inclusion in our community and by raising awareness through the flying or displaying of the Ally and Rainbow flags throughout the month of June.

Chief Executive, Emer O’Gorman, said: “Wicklow County Council recognises the need to eliminate discrimination, promote equality of opportunity and protect human rights across all our functions, we are working towards this through the implementation of the Public Sector Equality and Human Rights Duty’

Cllr Tommy Annesley, Cathaoirleach of Wicklow County Council, added: “Wicklow County Council is keen to support Pride Month by visibly displaying our support, by flying the flags to promotes positive inclusion of all while working to create a better understanding and acceptance of the diversity in our community.”
County Wicklow Public Participation Network
County Wicklow Public Participation Network
The International Charity Bazaar Dublin is open for funding applications until Friday 7th July.

The ICB is a voluntary fundraising organisation of the Diplomatic Corps in Ireland.

All monies raised through ICB’s annual fundraising event, are donated to selected charities at an award ceremony in December.

The maximum grant is €10,000 per project

To find out more about the fund’s criteria and to apply click on the link below:
County Wicklow Public Participation Network
County Wicklow Public Participation Network
Open Invitation – The Environmental Pillar of Cavan PPN are running a series of training workshops over the coming months.

To find out more and register contact:
County Wicklow Public Participation Network
County Wicklow Public Participation Network

Wicklow County Council and Water Safety Ireland are cautioning people not to underestimate the dangers of swimming in cold water as the county enjoys fine weather.

Although air temperatures are rising, water temperatures are still cold. Swimming in cold water can result in the rapid cooling of muscles needed to swim and stay afloat.

Swimmers are urged to swim within their depth, swim briefly and be mindful that any cooling of the muscles can make it more difficult to swim safely.

Advice to reduce your drowning risk:

1. Swim within your depth, stay within your depth and enter the water slowly to acclimatise as sudden immersion in cold water can result in “cold shock” which can lead to deep gasping, uncontrollable rapid breathing and panic.
2. Swim at Lifeguarded waterways this weekend – locations at
3. If you cannot get to a lifeguarded waterway, swim in areas that are traditionally known to be safe and have ringbuoys available for rescues.
4. Never use inflatable toys in open water as they can be swept away by currents and offshore breezes.
5. Children require close, uninterrupted, adult supervision at all times near water.
6. Swim within your depth and stay within your depth. Make sure that the edges are shallow shelving so that you can safely and easily enter and exit the water.
7. To escape a rip current, swim parallel to the shore and then swim back ashore. See
8. Never swim in quarries or reservoirs.
9. Alcohol is a factor in one third of drownings – never mix alcohol with water activities.
10. Beware of stranding by incoming tides. Carry a charged phone at all times and in an emergency, call 112 and ask for the Coast Guard.
11. Always wear a correctly fitting lifejacket when boating and have a means of communication in a waterproof pouch.

Also, if you see somebody in trouble in the water: SHOUT – REACH – THROW

A. SHOUT to calm, encourage and orientate them
B. REACH with anything that prevents you from entering the water (clothing/stick)
C. THROW a ringbuoy or any floating object to them

Know The Lifeguard Flags:

No Lifeguard flag means that there is no Lifeguard on duty. A red flag means that a Lifeguard is on duty but has deemed conditions to be too unsafe to swim. The red and yellow flags mean a Lifeguard is on duty and the Lifeguard is patrolling between those flags.

Visit for more information.
County Wicklow Public Participation Network
County Wicklow Public Participation Network

Bray Municipal District has launched a pilot Community Open Space Enhancement Scheme for Public Spaces and Green Areas in Residential Districts.
The Elected Members of Bray Municipal District introduced this new initiative in order to enhance the community’s experience of increased use, and improvement of, public spaces immediate to their own residential environment.

A lot of these spaces are often underutilised in terms of their intended visual and social function. Enhancement measures could include biodiversity enhancement, planting, community gardens, seating areas, play areas, football areas, meeting areas for young and old to simply meet up.

Welcoming this initiative, the Cathaoirleach of Bray MD, Cllr Erika Doyle, stated: “I would like to encourage all Residents’ Associations within the Bray Municipal District who have an interest in exploring the enhancement or functional improvement of open spaces and to offer a community space that facilitates pride of place, fosters positive community engagement to consider submitting an application under this new scheme.”

Lorraine Gallagher, District Manager, Bray MD, added: “I am delighted that the Bray Municipal District Members have allocated funding for this worthwhile project, which is a very innovative approach in the delivery of improved open spaces by collaborating closely with residents associations within the district.”

Application forms and further details can be requested by emailing

Closing date for receipt of applications is Friday, 9th June 2023.
County Wicklow Public Participation Network
County Wicklow Public Participation Network
The Central Statistics Office has today published the Census 2022 Summary Results. These provide high level data on all areas of Census 2022.

The results show that the population of Ireland increased to 5,149,139 (+8%) between 2016 and 2022.

In Wicklow, the population increased to 155,851 (+9%).

Further details of the results, including specific results relating to Wicklow, are available here –

The national press release is available here –

Further thematic results will be published across the rest of the year –

If you have any queries on the results, contact:

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