Municipal District Networks

Through our Municipal District Networks Co Wicklow PPN brings together groups and the Local Elected Representatives to: facilitate discussion; promote and encourage citizen engagement in local plans, policies and decision-making and ensure that the voice of community is heard at Municipal District level.  

Co Wicklow PPN shares the agenda for the monthly Municipal District meetings in each area with its member groups.  

To find out more about your local Municipal District visit : 

Co Wicklow PPN Meet Your Local Elected Representatives Events

These events were run online on the five Thursday evenings in October 2020 (one for each Municipal District) . A total of 117 people from a broad spectrum of community groups engaged with these sessions and 28 of our 34 elected representatives answered over 80 diverse questions. 

Questions covered funding issues, lack of community spaces and infrastructure, environmental concerns, issues in relation to accessibility to services (including information provision and transport), structures, maintenance & safety (including footpaths, roads, lights & crossings), decision making in the council & how budgets are allocated and many more. The feedback from these events has been phenomenal with everyone who voted saying they would like them to run on an annual basis.

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Co Wicklow PPN & Disability Federation Ireland Meet the Candidate Events

At the end of April and throughout May 2019, Co Wicklow PPN and Disability Federation Ireland facilitated Meet the Candidate Events in the 5 Municipal Electoral Areas in Co Wicklow.   Over these events the community met 55 of the 62 candidates that ran for the local elections.