Bray Local Drug & Alcohol Task Force

Local Drugs Task Forces were set up in 1997 to develop a more effective response to the drug crisis that was devastating many communities. Taskforces comprise a partnership between the statutory, voluntary and community sectors. Taskforces develop and implement a local drugs strategy for their areas by co-ordinating all relevant programmes and working to address gaps in services.

Our PPN Representative

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Liz Murray

PPN Representative to the Bray Local Drug & Alcohol Task Force

I have been working in excess of 20 years with young people in the Bray area. I also worked for three years in DLRCAT. I feel I have a valuable skill set and knowledge and experience of working with young people who are involved with substance misuse are at risk of substance use. I have seen the effect this is having on families and community and young people themselves. I am committed to being a voice for the young people, their families and the communities of the Bray and wider Wicklow area.

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