Bray Local Drug & Alcohol Task Force

Local Drugs Task Forces were set up in 1997 to develop a more effective response to the drug crisis that was devastating many communities. Taskforces comprise a partnership between the statutory, voluntary and community sectors. Taskforces develop and implement a local drugs strategy for their areas by co-ordinating all relevant programmes and working to address gaps in services.

Our PPN Representative

Helen Kinsella

Helen Kinsella

PPN Representative to the Bray Local Drug & Alcohol Task Force

Helen has been involved with community fora structures for a number of years. She has worked in the community sector in different roles since 1995 and is currently a development worker with Bray Family Resource and Development Project. Helen has been volunteering in the community since 1992 working with Women’s Group, Travellers and more recently the PPN Helen represented Bray Travellers CDP on the Bray Local Drugs and Alcohol Task Force for 5 years and since then has continued to support the Task Force by taking minutes of meetings etc.

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