WCC Transportation, Water & Emergency Services Strategic Policy Committee

The Transportation, Water & Emergency SPC advises Wicklow County Council on road construction and maintenance, traffic management, noise pollution, public lighting, maintenance of hedgerows, motor taxes, driver licences and taxi licensing, waste management, recycling centres, burial grounds, bathing water quality, waste water treatment and fire services.

Our PPN Representative

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Éanna Gallagher

Environmental College Representative

A life long lover of nature and the outdoors, who works in a high pressure technical role in RTE while living in rural Ashford. Éanna keeps a hobby flock of pedigree sheep which keeps him connected to the rural community and gives him a good understanding of the issues facing the rural areas of Wicklow.  Éanna has been studying (while working) for more than a decade and has obtained an arboricultural and environmental science qualifications with lots of other experience gathered along the way.   Éanna has a deep interest in local history and heritage and a passion for creating a better place for us all to live in.  Éanna is a great communicator and is always eager to share their knowledge and learn from every conversation.