WCC Community, Cultural & Social Development Strategic Policy Committee

The Community, Cultural & Social Development SPC has a role in advising on: Library Services, Arts, Playgrounds and community infrastructure, and the development of policies to expand Wicklow County Council’s role in community, cultural and social matters in the county.

Our PPN Representatives

Niamh Wogan

Niamh Wogan

Social Inclusion Representative to Community Cultural & Social Development SPC

Niamh has been involved in both a paid and voluntary capacity in the community and voluntary sector over the past 25 years in Bray and Wicklow.  Working in the Bray Family Resource and Development Project she has played a major role in the development and implementation of a wide range of Social Inclusion Initiatives and Programmes in response to identified needs in the local Community.

Niamh is a member of a number of local and regional structures and also a member of the Central Group of Community Work Ireland.

Niamh has also sat on the Secretariat of the Co Wicklow PPN and until 2020 represented the PPN  on the LCDC as a Social Inclusion Rep.

Kevin Mann

Kevin Mann

Community & Voluntary Representative to the CCSD SPC

Kevin is an active member of the local Aughrim community. He has been a committee member of Aughrim Community Sports & Leisure Centre for over 20 years and has in that time served in the role of Secretary and Treasurer.

Mai Quaid

Mai Quaid

Community & Voluntary College Representative to the CCSD SPC

In addition to being a very active member of her local community and the Co. Wicklow Network for Older Peoples Mai has served on the Secretariat of Co. Wicklow PPN for 6 years.  She has also represented Co. Wicklow PPN on the National Secretariat Network.  Mai was a PPN Representative on the Local Community Development Committee and was vice Chair of this Committee for 3 years. 

Carina Holmes

Environmental College Representative to the CCSD SPC

Carina Holmes is a member of Wicklow Planning Alliance (WPA) and Delgany Community Council (DCC).   She has become increasingly involved and concerned about the substantial and imminent threats to the natural and built environment, in particular, the detrimental impact that climate change is having on wildlife habitats, water resources, air quality, biodiversity and woodlands/forests, and the need to preserve and protect both the environment and built heritage.   She is keen to contribute to the Public Participation Network (PPN) in Wicklow having worked on national economic, financial and fiscal policies in both the Central Bank of Ireland and H.M. Treasury in London.  Her career as an economist in the public sector has spanned over 30 years where she has represented both the Irish Central Bank and British Government at EU and other international meetings, which have included IMF/World Bank meetings where Ireland’s progress on the attainment of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have been discussed.  She believes that the attainment of the SDGs requires strong national and local objectives and joined-up/integrated plans and policies across all levels of government.  She believes that the best policy results and actions are achieved when all stakeholders, in particular, those in the community and in voluntary groups and organisations are consulted, engaged and their legitimate concerns are incorporated into policies and actions.  This inclusion enables buy-in and helps to build long-term trust and respect among all stakeholders.   She has always been strongly motivated to serve the public interest and has led economic teams to find solutions to national economic, financial and fiscal problems.   She has also led in the preparation of economic projections and forecasts of national macroeconomic aggregates (e.g. income, employment, inflation, housing and public finances).   Carina is very interested in being able to contribute to local economic and environmental planning and development in Wicklow.